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Communication needs to be serious, creative or engaging.
Since I combine illustration, design and communication, I can offer you support in visual and spoken communication – online and offline.

I have worked for different customers – my skills and successes are:

For Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V. I communicate with sponsors and keep websites or social media up to date. This includes creative and professional communication skills – for example by writing and posting online, designing christmas greetings, cutting videos and embedding up-to-date articles or media. This way I successfully support the nonprofit organisation to get sponsors for its main project „Switch Tutor – Lernen mit Spaß!“ and further projects in the future.

For the International Women in Power Initative I communicate with possible supporters to have a positive political impact. Supporters include possible alliances and political or politically interested persons in Hamburg and worldwide. Here I use social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter as well as the website to promote demonstrations and political information. This includes the above skills and knowledge about how to attract attention on social media.

For Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in Eimsbüttel and Neumann & Schmela GBR I help in the area of outside advertising. I have an interest in political matters but am also open for non-political work.

In the past I used my design skills for varying requests like logos, business cards, webdesign, icons, flyers, folders, catalogs, banner advertisement, leaflets, characterdesigns, photo editing, typography and digital, print, illustrative or advertisement products. These included small design works, renewal or implementation of designs for businesses like mindline, Witt Baugesellschaft mbH, HOR Consulting, Agriculture and Horticulture Haywood, Fitness Lounge, MediStart, Delta Werbeagentur and private persons. Besides creative skills this takes knowledge about printing processes, software and programming skills – to deliver online and offline possibilities to communicate as intended.

With these broad experiences in design I am happy to work for you.

I look for more commissions in the field of illustration, comic, design and communication. Please feel free to contact me if you need support in any of those areas:


Creativity & Research

My degrees are B.A. Illustration (HAW Hamburg) and soon will be
B.A. Sociology (Minor: Political Sciences, University of Hamburg). In the field of sociology I have worked as an assistance for quantitative and qualitative studies like KWiK for IEA Hamburg and the Digital and Data Literacy Lab of the University of Hamburg. My studies and positions included research in educational, innovative and political fields. I do profit from my background in the social sciences for my freelance work as well.

Outside of my freelance work, I offered creative courses like drawing classes at schools or supported handicraft work with kids – including the design of templates. Here I can offer my educational and social skills. I intend to give creative courses again.

Nature drawings of mine were part of an exhibition in Ohlsdorf Cemetry and pencil drawings of a comic of mine part of the Walkabout HAW. For my personal artistic passion I supervised, designed and published comic anthologies five times, helped with illustrations for a costume design project and am still drawing comics within the collective Praline or in private.

If you…

  • look for support in the field of illustration, comic, design and communication
  • have a fitting job offer in illustration or sociology
  • are interested in private illustration, comic or design lessons
  • have an exhibition or publishing opportunity
  • or additional related questions

…. contact me: